Paper dosages, Miscela Blu, Blue Label

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  • COMPOSITION – Arabica and Robusta.
  • ORIGIN – Brazil, East Africa, Southeast Asia
  • TYPE – Gold-plated cream and warm color
  • FLAVOUR – Floral and caramel flavour
  • TASTE – Soft and velvety
  • PACKING – Paper dose Cialda E.S.E., acronym of “Easy Serving Espresso”, or “Easy-to-serve espresso”


Pack size of

  • 50 paper Filter Dosages
  • 150 paper filter dosages


The paper doses of Strega coffee, Miscela Blu are ideal for making creamy and aromatic coffee with floral and caramel flavour with a soft and velvety taste, lighter but always balanced. The sweet golden cream remains even when the coffee is poured into the cup. A perfect blend after a meal or for a delicious break.

The Strega coffee paper doses are packaged in single coffee portions and are finely ground and ready to use blend. Easy to use with all ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) coffee machines. The paper doses of Strega coffee Miscela Blu accompany your day with the energy of a delicate blend produced from the finest roasted and ground grains according to the highest quality standards.

 Select the “Blue” aroma.

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