Cafe Strega – a seducing aroma

There’s an urban legend. A legend that makes the town Benevento unique and charming of its kind, and which inspired our brand. The legend is about young, beautiful and charming women who gathered under the branches of a centuries-old walnut tree on the banks of the Sabato River. Women smeared with scenting pomades, dedicated to spells and witchcraft. This is the legend of the Witches of Benevento, able to ride brooms, to fly on star nights and to prepare magic potions. We chose to review this legend, fascinated by the idea of magic potions and to create our own blends: those from coffee to enchant everyone’s palate with their embracing, intense and dense aroma. Aroma of a decisive nature, like the one of the women dancing around the Walnut tree in the moonlight.

Strega coffee appears with a mission to offer a unique and unambiguous coffee, in compatible capsules and paper dosages. A young coffee, which wants to have a strong presence and expand its horizons throughout Italy and beyond and to convey the” legend “, to spread its quality of a mixture, made through a unique process with high production standards. Strega coffee is produced in modern factories, where the renovation of equipment and processes is constant. The company strives to improve every day in all aspects: selection of raw materials and import, roasing and grinding, packaging, distribution and logistics.


The process of Strega coffee

We would like to amaze you with the magic blend produced by the method of Strega coffee created thanks to the selection of the best grains, harvested when well matured, roasted at the best temperature and ground, so as to improve their organoleptic characteristics. The resulting blend is packaged in single doses, which have an intense aroma and delightful taste.



We only import the finest quality coffee beans produced and grown in Brazil, India, Ethiopia and Kenya. The plants from which the coffee beans are extracted are carefully selected according to the colour and the shape.



Thanks to the roasting process, which starts from 100° and ends at 200-230°, we roast the green coffee until reaching the typical color of ebony and impeccable, intense and embracing aroma. Then the roasted grains are cooled with air flow and cold water, which vary in temperature depending on the quality of the coffee.


By grinding we pulverize the roasted grains to obtain two types of mixture: fine and medium. The fine mixture is ideal for espresso coffee because it allows the water to catch the maximum aroma within a few seconds. The average mixture is perfect for Mocha.





Strega coffee blends are packaged in capsules with a protective atmosphere and E.S.E. paper doses o– Easy Serving Espresso, which are easy to use with all compatible machines. They preserve the dense coffee flavour and guarantee its quality.





What arrives in the cup is our Strega coffee, creamy, intense and embrasing, in four different blends: red, blue, golden and decaf. Four flavors to suit all tastes of coffee lovers. From wood and tobacco tones to retro taste – sweet with gentle caramel flavour, from the dense and intense aroma with a cocoa hint to the intense aroma of toasted bread, as well as to the soft and light taste of the classic decaf coffee.