Paper dosages, Miscela Rossa, Red label

17.50 лв.

  • COMPOSITION – Arabica and Robusta.
  • ORIGIN – Brazil, East Africa, Southeast Asia
  • TYPE – Gold-plated cream and warm colour
  • FLAVOUR – Woody and tobacco flavour
  • TASTE – Intense, pronounced taste
  • PACKING – Paper dose Cialda E.S.E., acronym of “Easy Serving Espresso”, or “Easy to serve espresso”


Pack size of

  • 50 Paper Filter Dosages
  • 150 paper filter dosages

Coffee bland in paper doses for creamy espresso with intense, strong and full-bodied taste, with a gentle aroma and fine woody notes. A blend with a balance between density and aroma, decorated with delicious golden crema. The ideal blend for those who love coffee with a strong individuality.

The paper doses of Strega coffee accompany your coffee break with the energy of the best roasted and ground grains, to the highest quality standards.

Let yourself be seduced and choose the intense aroma of Strega coffee Miscela Rossa.

Additional information

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Dimensions 18 × 26 × 15 cm