Paper dosage, Miscela Oro, Gold Label

25.00 лв.

  • COMPOSITION – Arabica and Robusta
  • ORIGIN – Brazil, East Africa, Southeast Asia
  • TYPE – Crema with golden fibers
  • FLAVOUR – cocoa and dried fruits flavour
  • TASTE – Full-bodied and consistent
  • PACKING-paper dose Cialda E.S.E., acronym of “Easy Serving Espresso”, or “Easy-to-serve espresso”


Pack size of

  • 50 paper filter dosages
  • 150 paper filter dosages


The paper doses of Strega coffee, Miscela Oro are ideal for espresso with classic and unique taste, with embracing cocoa and dried fruits flavour and aroma, close to the tradition of the real Neapolitan espresso. Full-bodied as if prepared in an Italian bar, aromatic and intensive, with a delicious cream with golden fibers: the perfect coffee blend for real connoisseurs.

The paper doses of Strega coffee are packaged in single portions with a ground, pressed and ready-to-use blend. Easy to use with compatible ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) coffee machines. The “Golden Blend” of Strega coffee accompanies you throughout your work breaks or at the end of your meal with all the energy of the best grains of the best coffee bushes in the world.

Let yourself be seduced by its embracing taste.

Additional information

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Dimensions 18 × 26 × 15 cm