Compatible “Espresso” capsules Miscela Blu Blue Label

  • COMPOSITION – Arabica and Robusta.
  • ORIGIN – Brazil, East Africa, Southeast Asia
  • TYPE – Gold-plated cream and warm color
  • FLAVOUR – Floral and caramel flavour
  • TASTE – Soft and velvety
  • PACKING – aluminum foil, protective gas packaging


Pack size of

  •   50 Capsules
  •  100 Capsules

The compatible “Espresso” capsules Miscela Blu of Strega coffee are ideal for making soft and velvety coffee with floral and caramel flavour, with a delicate and well balanced taste. A seductive blend made from grains of the finest Arabica blends in the world.

The compatible “Espresso” capsules Miscela Blu of Strega Coffee are packaged in single doses and contain blends produced through a process of roasting and grinding of top quality grains. Very easy to use with Lavazza Espresso coffee machines.

You can fall in love with the “Blue blend”.  Try it now.