Roasted coffee beans Miscela Rossa, Red label

18.00 лв.

  • COMPOSITION-Arabica and Robusta.
  • ORIGIN – Brazil, East Africa, Southeast Asia
  • TYPE – Gold-plated cream and warm color
  • FLAVOUR – Woody and tobacco flavour
  • TASTE – Intense, full-bodies flavour
  • PACKAGING – Aluminum foil, protective gas packaging
  • Net weight – 1000 g


Coffee beans Miscela Rossa originating in Brazil, East Africa and Southeast Asia for espresso with a strong and decisive taste with impeccable aroma and fine woody flavour. Miscela Rossa – Strega coffee beans is produced from the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta, with a perfect balance between saturation and density. This is the perfect blend for those who love coffee with a strong individuality, rich and creamy like the one offered in Italian bars. Ready to grind.

Let yourself be conquered by its aroma.

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