Compatible decaf “Nespresso” capsules (Copy)

  • COMPOSITION – Arabica and Robusta
  • ORIGIN – Brazil, East Africa, Southeast Asia
  • TYPE – Golden cream and warm color
  • FLAVOUR – Caramel, Orange blossom and Jasmine flavour
  • TASTE – sweet and velvety, with maximum caffeine content of 0.1%
  • PACKING – aluminium foil, protective gas packaging


Pack size of

  •   50 Capsules
  •  100 Capsules

With the compatible decaf Nespresso capsules, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with caffeine content of maximum 0.1%. Light and gentle blend with delicious floral flavour of jasmine, orange and caramel.

The compatible Nespresso decaf capsules of Strega are packaged in single doses, which contain the best Arabica blends in the world, imported, roasted and ground in our factories. The decaf blend of Strega coffee accompanies you throughout the day, whenever you wish, for an unforgettable velvety break.

Choose the light taste of the decaf coffee. Try it now.